Gnome Data Mine: Apriori Association Rules

GDM Apriori Association Rules is a Gnome2 GUI for building association rules from transaction data. The GUI was constructed using Glade and the interface code is written in Python. The underlying apriori application can be separately installed (and must be if under MSWindows) and is available from Christian Borgelt. The apriori package is also distributed and installed as part of the gnome-datamine-tools package.


GDM Apriori Association Rules is part of Gnome Data Mine Tools developed for GNU/Linux. The whole package can be downloaded from the Gnome Data Mine Tools page.

Quick Start

After installing from the tar file the src directory contains a sample data file called You can run gdmapriori with this data file as in:

  $ cd src
$ gdmapriori items
Then click on Execute and an Associations View window should pop up showing the discovered association rules. Click on View Log File button on the main window to view the command line and output from the command.

Detailed Example

The main window allows you to identify the transaction data file and optionally an appearances file to specify the types of rules to find. All parametrs for building item sets, association rules, and hyperedges are available from the one interface. The default settings are always a good starting point.

Extensive tooltips provide immediate, and at times extensive, documentation on all options. The aim is to be self contained.

Click the Execute button when you are ready to generate the association rules, after identifying the transaction data file and setting the appropriate options (defaults are okay to start with).

After generating the association rules a Text View window will pop up to show the rules. You can save this to file if you wish.

If you choose to view the log files you will also be able to see the actual command line that is generated and executed by gdmapriori. Here is one using the default options. All options can be set through the GUI.

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