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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

23 Apr 2007--Testing

The initial installation was on a test machine with very restricted network access. Purpose was to test, configure and document the installation.

Standard install (see Section 4.1.3). Boot from DVD. Choose guided full repartition of the hard disk.

Install: lang=English, location=Australia, kb=American English, network=eth0 (also available were eth2, ..., eth4), hostname=anet01, partition=Guided, automatic, entire disk.

The partition automatically chosen was:
/ 279M sda1
/usr 5.0G sda5
/var 3.0G sda6
/home 119G sda9
/tmp 403M sda8
swap 18G sda7


Set root passwd, user account, apt install from DVD with tasksel selection of Desktop Environment, Web Server, File Server, SQL Database, and Standard System. SMB install noted that WINS settings can be obtained from DHCP, so choose that (although there was a recommendation to then install dhcp3-client for this, but this was not done).

Reboot and Gnome (GDM) started no problem.

Continue installing from DVD to install wajig, configure sudo, and all the rest!

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