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by Graham Williams
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

GNU/Linux is a very productive platform for developing and deploying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. It has been the platform of choice for nearly 30 years.

The https://mlhub.ai is a platform specifically built on Ubuntu to share pre-built Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models and Data Science best practices. Each package also wraps the corresponding functionality into a command that is able to be readily deployed within the traditional Unix/Linux command line pipelines.

MLHub links github repositories into a collection of quickly accessible and ready to run, explore, rebuild, and even deploy, pre-built machine learning models and data science technology. The models and technology are accessed and managed using the ml command from the mlhub package available for quick installation from pypi. A growing number of machine learning models and data science technology are becoming available, as well as cloud based services.

To install mlhub you will need to have python3-pip installed and then:

$ pip3 install mlhub

This chapter will review many of the available command line tools, focusing on open source packages built on top of AI and ML algorithms.

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