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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams


Most computers today have hardware for producing great sound, which, when combined with good speaker systems, rival the traditional audiophile's setup. With the explosive growth of mp3 (which is popular but, unfortunately, has patent and licensing issues) and ogg (which is an open standard growing in popularity) you will need a suitable player on your desktop to enjoy your music. Many choices exist for GNU/Linux. Also, tools to extract the music from your CDs into ogg format are also abundant. Indeed GNU/Linux provides tools for listening to, recording, and modifying audio.

In this chapter we cover the setting up of sound cards under GNU/Linux, as well as tools for capturing audio to file and for manipulating audio files, and applications to listen to the audio.

Burning audio CDs is discussed in Section 14.3 and extracting audio from your DVD is covered in Section 28.3.

See Chapter 66 for details of dealing specifically with music, as in printing sheet music and guitar tabulates.


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