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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Build Source Code

Build Source Code

The File-->Build Source Code menu item (and the Build button and the Ctl+W

Image glade-toolbar-build

keyboard shortcut) will generate the source code that implements the interface.

The language code generated is chosen from the Project Options dialog under the General options tab (see section 41.4.4). The default is C source code which is supported natively by Glade. Generation of C++, Ada95, Perl, and Eiffel is effected through helper applications from the packages glademm (for the glade- program), gate, glade2perl, and eglade respectively. These need to be available on your system if you are to build the interface in these languages. If Glade can not find the appropriate helper application it will pop up an explanatory window and show the message ``Error writing source'' in the main window status bar.

See Section 41.4.3 for a description of the files generated by a build for C.

When you select to build your project source code if you have not previously saved the project the Project Options dialog will be displayed allowing you to set the project paths and other options. Otherwise Glade will silently generate the source code.

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