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Debian doc-central

Debian Packages: doc-central

Then point your browser at http://localhost/dc/.

Debian has a central utility to view all locally installed documentation, called doc-central. Other Debian packages for browsing Debian documentation include dwww and dhelp. The newer doc-central has several improvements over the previous tools, with an improved interface and requiring no further effort than installing the doc-base package.

Doc-Central is a collection of scripts that give you a convenient way to browse the documentation installed on your Debian system.

Doc-Central uses a local http server (like apache) to present a list of all registered documents. Depending on the type of document other tools are used to view the document: for info files we use info2www. All other types are currently linked to directly. To get the list of installed documentation the doc-base registration entries as used. For more information on doc-base please install the doc-base package and read the documentation in /usr/doc/doc-base.

it uses doc-base registrations for documentation. This means that unless maintainers register the documents for their pacakges doc-central won't know about them. So please check your packages to see if you register all the documentation.

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