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by Graham Williams
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Debian on CD

You don't need to install Debian GNU/Linux from CD-ROM. You can obtain all of the Debian packages from the international network of Debian mirrors by simply using the Debian package tools (often based around the apt-get package and including those that provide more user-friendly interfaces to apt-get including capt, gnome-apt, and aptitude).

Of course, if you do not have ready access to the Internet you may want to burn your own CD or DVD image of the distribution (assuming you have enough access to download the disk images!). Or if you are installing Debian GNU/Linux on multiple machines then the DVD installation is the best option.

Burning your own CD or DVD is a straightforward process using tools supplied by Debian specifically to build, as a file, an image of the CD so that you can then burn the image directly to CD using CD writers on any platform you may have access to.

The recipes presented here use wget to download a CD or DVD image or else use jigdo-file to build the CD or DVD image in a bandwidth efficient way.

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