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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Domain Name Searching

The abbreviation, DNS, stands for Domain Name System. It is the system that is used to convert symbolic names, like google.com, to numeric internet protocol (IP) addresses.

If you would like to search for hosts in other domains by simply listing the host name (e.g., inco, rather than inco.togaware.com) you can add those other domains to /etc/resolv.conf. Note that PPP will add its own "ISP" related resolv.conf file on dial up. Thus, with ISP identified as "provider" add the following line to /etc/ppp/resolv/provider:

  search togaware.com

091102 If you notice that browsing in Firefox is slow, yet you have a fast internet connection, try telling Firefox not to use the IPv6 protocol. Older network routers may not be supporting IPv6, and this slows down DNS lookup when they are asked to serve DNS. To disable IPv6 in Firefox go to about:config, and double click the line that says


We want it to be true.

This works for Firefox, but not for Chrome.

091102 To fix this globally for a local home network then through the Network Manage application edit the eth0 connection to specify that the router should not be a DNS server (by removing it - e.g. remove, or whatever, depending on your local network). Or edit /etc/resolv.conf.

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