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Ganesha Challenges

20201011 Ganesha is a Dell Inspiron 6400. See Section 36.19 for details.

Not working: Suspend, hibernate (although the command s2disk from the uswsusp package seems to work).

Not tested: Modem.

Hard disk was recognised as /dev/hda5 in the installed kernel (2.6.8) and as /dev/sda5 in the upgraded kernel (2.6.16).

Vesa video driver was chosen by default, but i810 should be used (081005 with Etch the 915resolution package is no longer required to get 1680x1050 (wide 8:5) resolution).

Wireless with a kernel version later that 2.6.17 worked out of the box. With a kernel version less than 2.6.17 you need to install the Intel ipw3945 driver, but once installed it works nicely. The network-manager package, under at least kernel version 2.6.18, can handle WPA-PSK and connects no problem.

CD/DVD stopped being found after moving to kernel 2.6.16 since the libata module was claiming the device, but failing to recognise it, and a later led-generic module load could not then claim it. The ATAPI option had to be enabled for the kernel and then the drive started being recognised. Apparently fixed in 2.6.17

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