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Git Create Repository

20200316 Git services provide browser based interfaces to create new repositories and to initialise those repositories. To create a new repository under your account on GitHub the GitHub Command Line Tool can be used. This provides the gh command for the task:

$ gh repo create kayon/pygym --public --description "The Python Gym"
Notice: authentication required
Press Enter to open github.com in your browser...
Authentication complete. Press Enter to continue...

Created repository kayon/pygym on GitHub
Create a local project directory for kayon/pygym? Yes
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/kayon/pygym/.git/
Initialized repository in './pygym/'

$ cd pygym
$ echo "# pygym" >> README.md
$ git add README.md
$ git commit -m "Initial import"
$ git push --set-upstream origin main

The push command will prompt for a username and password. This fails for me perhaps due to two factor authentication.

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