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Graphical Tools

Debian Packages: gnome-system-tools

The gnome-system-tools package contains a graphical interface (network-admin) to set up your network. The application is available from the standard Gnome menu as Applications-->System Tools-->Networking. You will be asked for the root password to effect changes to networking, as in Figure 71.1.

Figure 71.1: Dialogue requesting root password for network administration.
Image network-admin-password

You will then see the interface that will allow you to set up your networking. With a laptop, for example, with regularly changing network configurations you can create a number of appropriate Network Profiles, with one called home chosen in Figure 71.2. To establish a connection you can click on the unselected button for the appropriate network device in the Status column of the Connections tab (after choosing the appropriate Network Profile).

Figure 71.2: Configuration of networks using the Gnome network administration tool.
Image network-admin-general    Image network-admin-connections

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