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by Graham Williams
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LATEX Table of Contents

LATEX Table of Contents

20201105 We can adjust the chapter or section numbers of a document:

\addtocounter{chapter}{10}    % Add 10 to the current chapter counter.

When we get more than 100 chapters then the layout of the contents pages needs some tuning as the three digit chapter numbers begin overlapping the chapter titles. The []tocloft package supports such fine tuning. The following are a good set of sizes for books with 100 or more chapters.


\renewcommand\cftchapnumwidth{2em}    % Space for the chapter numbers.
\renewcommand\cftsecindent{2em}       % Indent for the section entry.
\renewcommand\cftsecnumwidth{3.2em}   % Space for the section numbers.
\renewcommand\cftsubsecindent{5.2em}  % Indent for subsection.
\renewcommand\cftsubsecnumwidth{4em}  % Space for subsection numbers.

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