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The line thickness and line types. These affect the standard shapes rather than shapes from the sheets. The smallest line width is 0pt (hairline).

A variety of lines are supported. You can add arrows to the lines by clicking on the button at the bottom right (or bottom left for backwards pointing arrows) of the Dia control window. Figure 19.5 shows the button before and after selecting an arrow.

Figure 19.5: Selecting the arrow and line type for the various line drawing tools. The first shows the default Dia window with undecorated lines (as indicated by the bottom three buttons being straight lines). We have chosen the straight line tool in the top half of the window. An arrow is added in the second, a backward arrow with a hollow head in the third, and the line is changed to a dotted line in the fourth.
Image dia-uml-linetool Image dia-uml-arrow Image dia-uml-backarrow Image dia-uml-dotarrow

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