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Mirror Websites

Wget is a command line tool to download multiple files from http and ftp addresses on the Internet. Suppose you wish to download all of the available xmms skins from http://www.spacefem.com/skins/. The skins are in files with the .tar.gz extension:

  $ wget -r -l 1 -A tar.gz -nd http://www.spacefem.com/skins/

Here the -r flag indicates that we want to recurse through the link, while -l 1 indicates that we recurse only a single level. The -A .tar.gz resticts the download to just those files the have a .tar.gz extension. The extenstions can be a comma separated list. The -nd request wget to not create any directories--the files are downloaded to the current directory.

Here is an example to download all Debian packages that start with r and available from this particular Debian mirror (I happen to get free downloads from this mirror!)

  $ wget -A '*amd64*' --mirror -l 1 -nd \

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