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by Graham Williams
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Nautilus: Navigating FoldersTITLEmdash;Near and Far

The Apple Macintosh (and originally the Apple Lisa), in 1983, commercially pioneered the graphical user interface (GUI) invented by Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). The Macintosh Finder provided an ease of use that heretheto was lacking in computers. Microsoft came along much later with their File Manager and then MS/Windows Explorer (1990). Learning well from both of these and more, Nautilus was developed by Eazel, a startup company founded by some of the original Apple Macintosh developers, including Mike Boich, Andy Hertzfeld, and Bud Tribble.

Nautilus is a component-based Gnome-based file manager for the GNU/Linux Operating System. Nautilus features a refreshingly new yet intuitive graphical user interface which is easily customised to suit individual tastes and expertise.

Documents are, as we expect, represented by icons on a desktop. But the contents of those documents are previewed within the icon!

Also users can share and manage files across a network.

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