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by Graham Williams
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Olive Installation



Boot Ubuntu

A USB stick with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS can be connected via the provided USB-C to USB-A connector. On booting while tapping F12 the BIOS boot menu is displayed and offers, in addition to Windows Boot Manager, an option to boot from UEFI: SCSI DISK 1.00. Choosing this latter option will boot into the live Ubuntu session running from the USB. Clicking on the Install Ubuntu 18.04.01 LTS on the desktop begins the installation.


For installation choose English, keyboard as English (US), Wi-Fi to Connect to this network, a Normal installation, choose to Download updates while installing Ubuntu and to Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware and additional media formats which requires configuring Secure Boot with a password to be used on next reboot as a simple security check. Choose to Install Ubuntu alongside Windows Boot Manager to install Ubuntu on partition #7 of /dev/nvme0n1 as ext4. Choose your time zone and provide personal information and wait for the installation to complete. Then reboot. On reboot you can register the MUK keys with Secure Boot using the password created above.

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