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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams



Glade currently does not keep tabs of whether you have saved your project.

Image glade-toolbar-save

Be sure to do so with the Save menu item or the Save button or the Ctl+S keyboard shortcut. You can do this anytime and it is useful to be in the habit of saving your project regularly. Saving the project writes the current interface to a Glade project file which stores the interface in a compressed (gzip) XML format. See Section 41.4.7 for details of the save format.

The first time a project is saved (when no project file already exists) Glade will present the Project Options dialog. This gives you an option to set the location of the project files and to set various source code options.

Each time Glade saves the project the previous version is saved into a backup file (e.g. gwords.glade.bak). Only the most recent backup is kept.

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