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Screen Capture

2018-05-10 ImageMagick provides a simple screen or window shooting facility. To capture the whole screen we specify with the -window option to the import command identifying that we want to capture the root window.

  $ import -window root screen.png
  $ display screen.png

We can capture a specific window chosen with a click of the mouse button with the -frame option of the import command. This will include the window manager's frame that surrounds a window. In the following example we -pause 5 seconds before capturing the selected window:

  $ import -frame -pause 5 window.png

This will capture the screen region occupied by the window and thus might include other windows that overlap with the selected window, so the pause option is useful to allow us to bring the window of interest to the front.

A simple mechanism for obtaining a window shot is to run the command from the Run Application window, usually initiated with Alt-F2. Alternatively, run the display command from a terminal (or the Run Applications window) and click the Capture button.


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