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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

5 Sep 2009

Standard Ubuntu install. The options chosen: Language: English; Location: Sydney; Keyboard: USA. Partition: see below; Who are you?: Enter the details; Migrate documents and settings: Select nothing; Install; Restart.

Partition (MS/Windows installed on /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2):
/ 130G sda3
swap 2.8G sda5
/home 250G sdb1
/store 300G sdc1

The virtualbox-3.0 package was installed to the install MS/Windows XP (the box has a license for it). This worked just fine.

091024 Purchased a Vodafone mobile broadband. Had to set it up in XP (using VirtualBox) as could not determine how to do so under Ubuntu. It was recognised under Ubuntu and the Network Manager application prompted with a wizard to set it up, but could not proceed from there. It seemed to try to connect but then failed. tried passwords and pins but nothing worked (there is no pin on the SIM). Under XP, run the installed automatically from the supplied CD. Choose prepaid and not to send usage data to Vodafone. It installed Windows .NET as part of the process. However, it still did not run on Ubuntu until I found that the APN is vfprepaymbb and the username and password are web. Now with network-manager-gnome I can connect and disconnect to mobile broadband.

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