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Sketch is an interactive vector drawing program. It is comparable to the commercial CorelDraw. Sketch supports drawing primitives like rectangles, ellipses, bezier curves, bitmap and Encapsulated PostScript images, and text. Objects can be rotated, scaled, and sheared. Primitives can have fill and line properties. A number of special effects like blend groups, text to bezier and text along a path are provided. Sketch supports an unlimited undo history. Import of xfig, ai, wmf, cmx and svg files. Exports to pdf, eps, ai and svg. Sketch is written in Python with a Tkinter GUI. User scripts can be written in Python.

Figure 83.1: Sketch provides considerable functionality as an alternative to dia. It does not use the GTK+ toolkit and so does not conform to the Gnome look and feel.
Image sketch-sample

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