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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Teradata ODBC Driver

A test driver was supplied by Teradata for RedHat. The package was installed under Debian using alien (via wajig):

$ wajig rpminstall tdodbc-

It complains that scripts won't be generated unless the -scripts option is ued, but when used we get some script errors that have not yet been explored. The library seems to be in the right place, but haven't tested it as yet.

Sample configuration files appear in /usr/odbc/unixodbc.ini and /usr/odbc/odbc.ini.

A Debian package can be created with:

$ alien -d --scripts tdodbc-

to create tdodbc- An install of this though complains about scm:socal being an invalid user in a chown, many times. But we can look at the scripts and see what it is trying to do.

Testing will involve creating one's own /.odbc.ini, and placing the contents of the sample odbcinst.ini into /etc/odbcinst.ini (is it required in that location?). But tdata.so complains that it can't find libodbcinst.so, which is there in /usr/lib64/, but perhaps this is a problem with LD_LIBRARY_PATH things in R?

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