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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

ToVid: Consumer DVD Creation

Tovid allows you to convert an avi file to DVD format that can be burnt to a 4.7GB DVD and played in a standard consumer DVD player. The GUI version is also available as tovid-gui.

$ tovid -pal -quality 10 -in ab.avi -out AB (can take several hours)
$ tovid -pal -quality 10 -in yz.avi -out YZ
$ makemenu "The AB Video" "The YZ Video" -out main_menu
$ makexml -menu main_menu.mpg AB.mpg YZ.mpg -out my_dvd
$ makedvd -burn my_dvd.xml

Then burn the resulting my_dvd.iso to a DVD and play on a consumer DVD player!

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