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Yoga Issues: No S3 Sleep Mode

20190511 After much frustration and research and debugging and seeking a resolution even from Lenovo Premium Support, this laptop was found to suffer (apparently under both MS/Windows and GNU/Linux) from not supporting so-called S3 sleep mode, or suspend and hibernate for that matter. Instead it has what appears to be a flawed implementation of something called Modern Standby.

The consequence is that when the laptop lid is closed we do not have a computer going into sleep mode (S3 mode--suspend to RAM) where the system essentially shuts down whilst maintaining system memory so as to be ready when the lid is open. Instead it goes into some new standby mode, still consuming considerable battery and becoming incredibly hot whilst sitting in a carry case for even 30 minutes. After an hour the whole computer bag and everything inside of it is heated. It was actually a cause for concern in the aeroplane overhead bins. Not a pleasant experience!

These ThinkPads do not support any other sleep/suspend/hibernate modes out of the box and given their cost and the expectatons that come with premium pricing, it is best to consider another premium machine.

There is some online discussion and workarounds, as well as discussions noting other ThinkPads have had BIOS updates to support S3 whilst the Yoga does not have any such S3 updates available.

For reference:

See also Section 68.3 on Sleep Modes.

Some interesting commands discovered along the way:

$ sudo pm-suspend          # Seems to go into SI01 mode
$ sudo pm-hibernate        # Blanks momentarily then resumes

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