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Yoga: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen

20190511 The 3rd generation Thinkpad X1 Yoga from Leonovo is a top end device with a major flaw. This machine was to support a data scientist on the go. It is powerful, has good amount of memory and disk and a good CPU. It can handle heavy workloads and was to come along on any trip, even if it is just into the office each day.

Previous ThinkPads have been great, running GNU/Linux and whilst the Yoga is also a power horse, one of the fundamental requirements of a portable laptop is battery life and sleep mode. The ThinkPad has a major flaw in this respect, rendering it useless for day to day professional use. It does not support the classic S3 sleep mode and so on closing the lid it consumes considerable battery and will heat an entire backpack within a 30 minute commute. Best to avoid until Lenovo fixes this as a BIOS update and sad to say, it has been a known issue for at least 8 months and no word from Lenovo, sad to say.


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