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by Graham Williams
Duck Duck Go

Adam Install Log


Standard install (see Section 4.1.3). Choose boot media with F12 on boot. Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS Version 4 is already installed. Replace with Debian GNU/Linux. Choose guided full repartition.

Install: lang=English, location=Australia, kb=American English, network none, hostname=adam, partition.

The partition automatically chosen was:
/ 259M sda1
/usr 4.6G sda5
/var 2.8G sda6
/home 406G sda8
/tmp 373M sda7

Set root passwd, user account, apt install.

Reboot and Gnome (GDM) started no problem.

Continue installing from DVD to install sudo and wajig, and all the rest!

For the USB printer, simply load http://localhost:631 into a browser and configure.

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