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by Graham Williams
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GNU/Linux Distributions

20190406 The details in this book are presented in the context of Ubuntu GNU/Linux--the most widely used GNU/Linux distribution and based on the most open Debian GNU/Linux distribution. These set the distribution standards for a free (as in liberty) software and collaborative development and user environment. Ubuntu is the operating system of choice for many and is readily accessible even on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform, where it is available out of the box within the Linux Subsystem for Windows, through a virtual machine on Windows 10 using Hyper-V where Ubuntu is available out of the box, or through a Docker container running a Ubuntu image.

In general the details translate directly to Red Hat and other standard distributions of GNU/Linux. But also, a growing number of the applications (including OpenOffice, AbiWord, The Gimp, Dia and gPhoto, to name just a few) are cross-platform developments and run natively under Microsoft Windows. The chapters that cover these applications in this book will also generally apply to those versions.

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