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by Graham Williams
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The structure of the book is basically alphabetical. Each individual chapter aims to be a standalone reference. Each page in fact aims to be a stand alone guide on a specific point or topic. We borrow the OnePage concept from my OnePageR book for data scientists.

The book includes an overview of GNU/Linux and its history, a guide to installing GNU/Linux, introductions to the suite of GNU/Linux desktop productivity tools, and recipes for tuning specific parts of a GNU/Linux system.

The book begins with an introduction to the world of GNU/Linux, Free/Libre Open Source Software (as in liberty or free speech, not price or free beer), and the Free (as in Libre) and Open Source Software movement. We cover computer applications that equal, and often surpass, the commercial offerings of the same or equivalent functionality. To emphasise, the freedom we focus on here is the freedom to choose between the offerings, not the lack of a purchase fee for the software.

In this book we present historical and philosophical perspectives. Chapter 3 briefly reviews GNU/Linux, the various distributions, the licensing issues, and the freedom that GNU/Linux delivers, and the considerable attack on our freedom represented by software patents and the incredible invested interests and wealth behind the push for software patents, which are driven by self interest and greed, rather than concern for humanity.

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