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Gimp Graphics Editor

20190503 The GNU Image Manipulation Program (the Gimp) is the open source GUI-based image and photo manipulator. It is an alternative to Adobe's popular Photoshop.

Figure 33.1: Sample GIMP screenshot.
Image gimp01

Many excellent books that unleash the full power of the GIMP are available including the following.

Image gimp-quick-book

GIMP Visual Quickstart Guide, by Phyllis Davis, 306 pages, published May 2000 by Peachpit Press, ISBN 0201702533.

Image gimp-linux-book

Gimp for Linux Bible, by Stephanie Cottrell Bryant, Tillman Hodgson, and Bryan Livingston, 728 pages, published April 2000 by DG Books Worldwide, ISBN 0764533983.

Image gimp-grok-book

Grokking the Gimp, by Carey Bunks, 352 pages, published February 2000 by New Riders Publishing, ISBN 0735709246.

Image gimp-artist-book

Arists' Guide to the GIMP, by Michael J. Hammel, 340 pages, published December 1998 by Specialised Systems Consultants, ISBN 1578310113.

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