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PostScript Conversions

A useful tool for converting from PostScript to other editable formats (including vector formats like fig and svg) is pstoedit.

Convert from PostScript to XFig placing the output into example.fig:

$ pstoedit -f fig example.ps

Convert from PostScript to SVG placing the output into example.svg:

$ pstoedit -f plot-svg example.ps

To convert an EPS to Encapsulated PDF:

$ epstopdf image.ps

To strip excess postscript border from the page, noting that some applications (e.g., Splus) seem to place extra white space around the encapsulated PostScript that they generate, which can be a problem when importing into other packages, such as LaTeX, we can:

$ ps2eps < original.eps > new.eps
This determines an accurate bounding box and trims the image to that box.

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