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Photo Gallery on the Internet

20190303 To make photos available on the Internet gallery2 may be useful to provide per user access and administration rights, including upload rights.

We may not want to include view counts on the photos and they can be removed from each photo by editting (as root) the file /usr/share/gallery2/modules/core/templates/blocks/ItemInfo.tpl to change:

  {if !empty($showViewCount) && $item.viewCount > 0}
  {if !empty($showViewCount) && $item.viewCount < 0}

You may also need to go into Admin and run the Maintenance task to delete the template cache to see the effect of the change.

The gallery may require quite a bit more php memory than the default which is often 8M. Edit /etc/php4/apache2/php.ini:

memory_limit = 32M

For debugging, visiting http://localhost/gallery/lib/support may be useful.

Note that the password to the admin account of gallery2 is stored as clear text in /etc/gallery2/config.php

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