I’ve moved the hosting of the open source Rattle GUI for doing Data Mining with R onto bitbucket using git. Developers can now clone and modify and push requests.

Visit https://bitbucket.org/kayontoga/rattle

Connect-R is a relatively new service which acts as a market place for matching requests for improvements to R packages with developers who may be able to do so. There is also the option to crowd fund the development. I’ve started encouraging users of Rattle to add feature requests through Connect-R.

A number of new features have now been added to Rattle through the use of Connect-R with the developer receiving payment for so doing. The implementations were well done and I readily included them into the Rattle release code.

Welcome to the new togaware.com site. After over a year living on togaware.net I’ve finally moved the test site over to the main togaware.com site and this is what you are now viewing!

You’ll find all of the Togaware resources here still (somewhere or other…). They are being migrated across to the new format bit by bit. If you can’t find something do let me know (add a comment below). We’ll try an find it again!

Stay tune for more blog posts and new activities linked with Togaware.

The Australian Government’s Data Analytics Centre of Excellence has released a new resource for employees of the Australian Government to freely interact and share experiences and knowledge. The resource is hosted on the AnalyticsSpace and uses the Askbot open source software which is modelled on StackOverflow. If you are an Australian Government employee working with data and analytics then you can join the community.

Visit Q&A on AnalyticsSpace.