9.12 Android Screenshot


Screenshot capture is generally a function of the operating system, and so does not require an additional application. A common approach on Android devices is to press and hold down the VolumeDown and Power buttons simultaneously. On some versions holding the Power button down includes Screenshot as one of the options. On the Samsung Galaxy S7 and earlier models, press and hold the Home and the Power buttons simultaneously until a screenshot is taken.

The screen image is often saved into a Screenshots folder under Pictures on the internal storage. This can be auto uploaded to the cloud (e.g., through Nextcloud for example).

Using adb we can request a screenshot and then copy it to our local computer, and the downsize it somewhat using convert:

adb devices
adb shell screencap -p /sdcard/screenshot.png
adb pull '/sdcard/screenshot.png'
convert -resize 25% screenshot.png smaller.png

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