74.2 X2Go


X2Go, available through the x2goserver package, is an X11-based remote desktop, able to serve geographically remote servers with minimal bandwidth. Interaction with remote desktops is smooth and timely.

On the remote server to which a connection is required (for example, a Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server with ssh enabled running in the cloud) install x2goserver and a desktop suite. The MATE desktop from ubuntu-mate-desktop is suggested for use with X2Go.

wajig update
wajig distupgrade
wajig install x2goserver
wajig install ubuntu-mate-desktop

On the client (your local desktop) install the x2goclient.

$ wajig install x2goclient

After starting x2goclient click on the Create a New Session icon. Give the session a new name and specify the Host (hostname or IP address). Provide your Login username. Enable the Try autologin checkbox for a ssh connection, and for the Session type choose MATE from the drop down menu.

If you are connecting to the remote server using a public/private key (recommended) and don’t have a password for the account, you will need to disable the lock screen which will ask for the password! To do so, go into the System Settings from the top right menu. Under the Look and Feel section choose the Screensaver. Uncheck the Lock screen when the screensaver is active. Close the settings.

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