87.5 Converting the Transport Stream

Use dvbcut for a graphical tool to select regions (start and top segments) that can then be exported to standard mpeg format.

To join some streams together:

$ mpgtx -j c1.mpg c2.mpg c3.mpg -o cx.mpg

See http://wiki.dvbowners.com/index.php/Mencoder and http://www.linux2000.com/dvb.html.

Convert to MPEG: This simply puts a wrapper around the stream, with no additional encoding.

$ mencoder -of mpeg -ovc copy -oac copy -o news.mpg news.ts

Convert to AVI:

$ mencoder -ovc lavc -oac copy -o test.avi test.ts

To join two videos together:

$ mpgjoin s01.mpg s02.mpg -o all.mpg

To cut the beginning and end out of a video:

$ mpgjoin all.mpg [2:22-54:46] -o just.mpg

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