20.20 Virtuoso Command Line Utilities

$ isql-vt           # Command-line database-access tool (iSQL).
$ isqlw-vt          # Unicode-enabled iSQL.
$ virt_mail         # SMTP delivery agent for incoming mail.
$ virtuoso-t        # The main daemon executable.
$ isql-vt
OpenLink Interactive SQL (Virtuoso), version 0.9849b.
Type HELP; for help and EXIT; to exit.
SQL> tables;

Enter password for dba :
Connected to OpenLink Virtuoso
Driver: 06.01.3127 OpenLink Virtuoso ODBC Driver

Showing SQLTables of tables like 'NULL.NULL.NULL', tabletype/colname like 'NULL'
VARCHAR          VARCHAR          VARCHAR          VARCHAR          VARCHAR

DB               DBA              ADMIN_SESSION    SYSTEM TABLE     NULL
DB               DBA              ADM_OPT_ARRAY_TO_RS_PVIEW  SYSTEM TABLE     NULL
192 Rows. -- 8 msec.

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