4.17 System Install

Out Of Date

Install: lang=English, location=Australia, kb=American English, (Loading additional components), (Detecting network hardware). (Configure the network) eth0, (Configuring the network with DHCP), hostname=kyral, domain name=togaware.com (Detecting disks and all other hardware).

The network card was identified (e.g., eth0) and it will be automatically configured using DHCP. If you have a network and there is no DHCP on the local network you can manually configure your network (e.g., IP=, NetMask=, Gateway=, DNS= If you have no network then choose not to configure the network at this time. Also supply a host name for your machine. I supply a domain name for my computers as togaware.com.

There are now some options for partitioning the disks. We may like to choose the option for a guided manual partition. Generally I go for having at least /home on a separate partition. See Section @ref(install.partitions) for some simple suggestions, Chapter 64 for details, and Chapter 40 for examples of specific partitioning chosen for different computers.

Configure the time zone (e.g., Australia/ACT). Add Root and User accounts. Do some software selection if you want to (e.g., Desktop Environment, Web Server, File Server, SQL Database, Standard System), or else do it all later on. For the email setup, choose local delivery. Note that to reconfigure, run the -, base, config program.

You will eventually be informed that the installation is complete and asked to remove the CD and reboot.

And that is it. The system is ready to use! The user account is quite spartan and there aren’t many applications installed, so these are the next steps.

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