79.5 Disk Encryption VeraCrypt From TrueCrypt


VeraCrypt can mount a TrueCrypt volume with the TrueCrypt Mode check button.

VeraCrypt can convert a TrueCrypt formatted file to VeraCrypt format through either of the operations: Set Header Key Derivation Algorithm or Change Volume Password. This is recommended as VeraCrypt is using updated algorithms and has fixed some known TrueCrypt vulnerabilities.

Firest ensure the data is backed up in case of accidental loss. Then use Select Device to choose the device to operate on. Then check TrueCrypt Mode, enter your password, and follow the prompts to get the volume converted into the VeraCrypt format.

An article from 2018 titled Two New Cases on Decrypting Locked Devices notes that the FBI were unable to decrypt a VeraCrypt volume. Other similar articles include:

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