76.1 Setup HP PSC 2210


  # ptal-init setup
    Probe parallel (n)
    Probe USB (y)
      Setting up as "mlc:usb:PSC_2200_Series"
  # wajig restart cupsys
    Reconfigure cupsys printer at http://localhost:631
    For the URI choose ptal:/mlc:usb:PSC_2200_Series

Note that the hpoj daemon is the one to start/stop when changing hpoj options.

Test it works as a user:

  $ ptal-devid
    MFG:Hewlett-Packard;MDL:PSC 2200 Series;

If permission problems (printing works just fine but can’t access the device for scanning etc.), then try:

  # chmod o+rx /dev/ptal-printd

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