40.63 Sun SPARCstation 5 (sun4m) (Cepheus)

Cepheus is an older Sun SPARCstation that serves as a testbed for installing Debian GNU/Linux on very different hardware. Debian GNU/Linux 2.2r2 was installed from the sparc CD-ROM, 19 September 2001. It was immediately upgraded to unstable and maintained at unstable with weekly dist-upgrade`s.

40.63.1 Cepheus Specifications

Spec Details
CPU Fujitsu MB86904 TurboSPARC 170MHZ
BogoMIPS 109
RAM 30MB!!!
Disk 2GB (1.7GB /dev/sda1 and .3GB swap on /dev/sda2)
Video cgsix at 0.50000000 TEC Rev 4 CPU sparc Rev b [TurboGX]
Audio CS4231

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