10.41 Managing Your Audio Collection


Audio files in mp3 and ogg format store meta-information about the audio, such as the artist, the track title, the album the track comes from, the genre and so on. A very nice tool for managing mp3 tags is tagtool, tagtool. Tagtool, Tagtool provides facilities for directly editing the tags of an individual or group of mp3 files, as well as renaming the file names to match the tags, and vice versa! Xmms also provides a basic mp3 tag and ogg comment editor.

Tag Tool’s main window for managing mp3 tags. {#fig:tagtool-bigbopper}

You can view the meta-information in an ogg file using the vorbiscomment command:

  $ vorbiscomment -l track05.ogg
  artist=Roger Waters
  album=In The Flesh - Live

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