61.10 Nextcloud App Memories


The Nextcloud Memories app is a photo album with timelines, map views, AI tagging, and much more.

sudo nextcloud.occ memories:index
Checking database indices

MIME Type support:
  image/png: supported
  image/jpeg: supported
  image/heic: not supported
  image/png: supported
  image/tiff: not supported
  image/gif: supported
  image/bmp: supported
  image/x-dcraw: not supported
  video/mpeg: not supported
  video/webm: not supported
  video/mp4: not supported
  video/quicktime: not supported
  video/x-matroska: not supported

Some file types are not supported by your preview provider.
Please see https://github.com/pulsejet/memories/wiki/File-Type-Support

Scanned all files for albert
Scanned all files for christie
Scanned all files for greg
Scanned all files for susan
Checked 25604 files of 4 users in 159.385 sec
18563 not valid media items
0 .nomedia folders ignored
6915 skipped because unmodified
126 (re-)processed

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