91.23 Video Viewing


All forms of video viewing are supported by Linux, including video files such as mov, avi, wmv, mpg, mkv, mp4, DVDs and SVCDs. Video players include totem, vlc, xine-ui, xine-ui, xine-ui, xine-ui, and mplayer, mplayer, mplayer.

totem is the default under Ubuntu. It will install packages for any codecs that are not already installed.

vlc is popular and supports resuming playing a video from the last played position. See Section 91.24 for details.

xine-ui, xine-ui, xine-ui, xine-ui is a multi-media viewer which comes with a skinned graphical user interface. Supported keyboard shortcuts include:

  g    gui         p    pause          f           full screen
  a    aspect      . ,  subtitles      + -         audio channel
  PgUp chapter     0-9  chapt %        <- -> Home  audio sync
  v V  volume      <>   enlarge        s           1:1 aspect

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