6.10 wajig deluser


Users can be removed from the system with the deluser command. Any number of users can be listed.

$ wajig deluser fred mary

When being removed the home directory is backed up into a compressed tar file (.tar.bz2) and then deleted.

To remove users listed in a file which may have been the output from the adduser command, we can create the list of usernames from that file and pass that to the deluser command. Below we illustrate checking the building of the list of usernames, and once that is right, passing that list on to wajig.

$ cat passwds.txt

$ cat passwds.txt | cut -d:-f1

$ cat passwds.txt | cut -d: -f1 | xargs echo
fred mary

$ wajig deluser `cat passwds.txt | cut -d: -f1 | xargs echo`

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